A Quiet Bio and a Quick Resume

I’ve done a few different jobs in my life, but writing has proved to be the most fun. Right now, I’m an English as a Second Language teacher in Georgia. In 2014, I decided to start writing daily after a long hiatus from putting ideas on paper. I started writing a dystopian science fiction novel, Olympia. Then, I won Nanowrimo, with a novel I published on Jukepop, Vouchsafe. Yep, another sci fi novel. I had myself pegged. I was a sci fi writer…

Not quite. Life intervened.

After a road trip to South Carolina I investigated the enchanting mythology of Charleston. When I found out that this rich source of material hadn’t been explored much in fiction, I found myself considering what could be done with these disparate legends. Haints, boo hags, root doctors? Grand houses where young Southern belles learned proper manners in a diverse port city? Art and culture, with so many churches it’s called the “Holy City”? Only one place, and in the novella Beloved Dead, the city is as much a character as Cage or Imogen.

I’ll keep posting fun trivia about the novella, but you can read a lot of my work for free on some great lit mags online. I’m posting info about some of my favorite pieces in their own separate posts, but my complete pub resume is on the next page by publication date and venue.